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The Modular Study Group

Keeping families in the field serving effectively since 2007

Growing Successful Students Since 2007

Students in the MSG program are challenged to use college level methods while completing their Middle and High School requirements.

Students work at home for three weeks a month and attend the campus one week a month.  This allows families to remain together longer while providing an opportunity for the children to grow relationally and in responsibility for themselves.

A new Idea

Since the idea was discovered in 2004 the MSG has been growing. It is now our goal to start more of this model of schools all across Asia

1/4 = 1/2

Students come to the MSG location one week a month for an intense education in Math Science and English.  Therefore we like to say you get 1/2 of your education for only 1/4 of your time.

Safe And Secure

Students board with the MSG approved providers and we adhere to the highest level of child protection standards,

Multiple Schools

The MSG is in a growth phase and is open to planting a school in your area if the need exists.  Currently we have two schools that are functioning.

Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane, Laos

Started in August 2018

Chiangmai, Thailand

Chiangmai, Thailand

Started in 2019

Kunming, China

Kunming, China

Closed by order of the Government

We have three schools that are in active Development

Hanoi, Vietnam

Development began in May 2019


We have a team of two men working on opening the school as a test program in August of 2020.

You can email them for more information.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Development started in 2019


There is a team of three working on opening in August of 2020.

You can email them for more information.


New Delhi India

Development started in 2019


This school is being developed in partnership with a local international school.

You can email them for more information.



Development talks began in July of 2020


This school may help to fill in after the closure of another long running school in Pakistan.

You can email them for more information.

Will you be Next?


The MSG Fee structure varies slightly depending on the location and your choices when you enroll.  All prices are in USD as of December 2019

Global Leader 10 Years In a Row 

We are the only program of its kind in the world.  A hybridization of Traditional, Home, and Online schooling allowing students maximum growth while maintaining family priorities.

The Right Choice

Is the MSG the right fit for your family?  Please contact us today to find out more.

“I would not trade my experience at the MSG for anything else.  It prepared me well for the College experience and life on my own”

Philip Ferrimield

“My transition back to my passport country was very simple after attending the MSG for 4 years.”

Sara Shippens